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                About Hyacinth


                Hyacinth paper is one of the outstanding suppliers in the booming Chinese Fine paper industry .We committed ourselves to providing high-grade oriented institutions & brands with advanced fancy paper and professional service,

                Taking dongguang facotry as the operating center ,we have constructed high standard production plant and warehouse logistics center .

                Currently,Dongguan factories' annual production and processing capacity exceed 50000tons, conventional fancy paper stock more than 10000 tons. We are capable to provide customers  with more than 5000 kinds of personalized fancy paper such as the embossed paper, leatherette paper,pearl paper and touch paper ,etc

                South China is the marketing center ,we have also built company's sales network and logistics operating bases in east China, North China and Southwest China,developed distributor partners in key provincial cities and export business .we have also established our sales office in LA( USA) in 2015 .

                Brand Introduction

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